Over The Counter Hearing Aids

Over the counter hearing aids are now available and less expensive…are they right for you?
Updated 11-2022

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) released a final rule for over the counter hearing aids, transforming the hearing health-care landscape by creating a new regulatory class of hearing aids. Now over the counter hearing aids are widely available at lower cost to many adults with self-perceived mild to moderate hearing loss, but they are definitely not right for everyone.

Over the counter hearing aids

At our  Palm Coast Hearing Center and Ormond Hearing Center, we support this ruling that allows patients more alternatives to care. We are standing by and ready to help you navigate your choices and help you make the best decision for you.

OTC hearing aid problems

Many stores now sell over the counter hearing aids; however, their employees almost certainly do not have training in hearing loss and hearing aid configuration. Audiologists like Dr. Alvarez possess a doctoral degree and have years of experience helping patients overcome ear, hearing, and balance disorders.  At our Ormond and Palm Coast Hearing Centers, we can help you through the process of choosing a hearing aid by providing hearing tests to help guide your decision, regular checkups to see if your hearing loss is accelerating or staying stable, and even assist with basic care of your over the counter hearing aid for a service fee.

You may have questions about if over the counter hearing aids will work for you. We have a free information packet which provides lots of information to help guide your buying decision and your hearing journey.

Important Note: Over the counter hearing aids are only for individuals 18 and over and are purchased based on your own judgment. Over the counter hearing aids only work for mild to moderate hearing loss. Individuals with cognitive or dexterity issues may not be suitable candidates for over the counter hearing aids and should seek a consultation with an audiologist. You should consult your doctor before buying an over the counter hearing aid if you have any of the following medical conditions: sudden, quickly worsening, or fluctuating hearing loss, ear pain or discomfort, vertigo or severe dizziness, hearing problems that occur in only one ear or are noticeably different in one ear, fluid, pus, or blood coming from the ear, history of excessive earwax, deformities of the ear.

Free Over The Counter Hearing Aid Information Packet

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