Great service and pleasant staff. Dr. Alvarez was able to solve my issues quickly, and went beyond.

Mr. Henin

By far the best audiologist I’ve been to in Central Florida. I would highly recommend this office to anyone that needs any type of hearing assistance.

Mr. McGarry

I have been wearing hearing aids for 13 years now. I have profound hearing loss in my right ear and mild to severe in the left. I moved to Florida about 10 years ago and my mother in law was going to Palm Coast Hearing and I used to drive her to her appointments. I also got my second pair of devices here. During the Pandemic year when everything went haywire and a lot of businesses closed, I went for my third pair at a different clinic in the area. Fast forward 3 years and I am now delighted to be back at Palm Coast Hearing.

Sometimes it takes a bad experience to appreciate the exceptional service provided at a really good hearing aid clinic. I am much wiser now, and would without hesitation recommend anyone in the Palm Coast area to visit Palm Coast Hearing.

The hearing care Heather Curry provided me was exceptional; she truly cares about your hearing and is focused on getting the best possible results for you. Her commitment to excellence comes through loudly. They follow best practices in the device fitment, which I found out previously all do not. I am a very satisfied patient.

Mr. Holmes

Been going there about 2 years, the office is nice and clean.The doctor is very friendly and knowledgeable and the receptionist is very friendly also. Highly recommend.

Mr. Goerke

Almost every member of my family including myself has received hearing health care at this family owned audiology clinic. Dr. Alvarez is very good and the rest of the staff seems highly skilled at everything they do as well.

Mrs. Rice

This organization is great! Heather really knows what she is doing.

Mr. Carlson

My mom had the best experience in a doctor’s office she’s ever had, bar none. Me too! It was truly amazing. Dr. Alvarez is so thorough and gave us tons of information so mom could make the best decision for her. This practice is HIGHLY recommended.

Mrs. Cor

I lost hearing in my left ear as a young child who suffered from German measles. The hearing in my right ear has always been very good, but I was noticing changes and diminished sounds.

After having my hearing tested by Heather Curry, I learned that my hearing had changed. After thorough testing and learning what all the latest technology has to offer, I am thrilled to say that I can hear beautifully again. I feel like I have a new lease on life.

I was treated so kindly and professionally by an efficient, organized, and dedicated staff. Heather is a fabulous teacher and explained every detail of what she was doing, making it easy for me to understand the use of the hearing aids and how to optimize their use. She is very dedicated to her patients and is an expert at what she does. I highly recommend Palm Coast Hearing Center.

Mrs. Jones

Hands down best hearing aid center! Heather is wonderful to work with and so great at explaining everything. Very patient and polite. The staff is amazing! Would definitely recommend.

Mr. Ward

Heather and Jenna are fabulous!! They are knowledgeable and personable and caring to patients. Highly recommended.

Mr. Durana

Mom has been a patient for many years. Very patient oriented, kind, polite, professional and knowledgeable. Heather is amazing. A professional with the highest integrity, working non -stop to make sure her patients get the very best care possible. The entire staff is efficient, organized, caring and dedicated. Highly recommend this practice for such an important part of patient care-the ability to hear!

Mr. Kumins

Was traveling from Pennsylvania for vacation and the tubing of my one aid cracked. Although not a patient and they were busy, squeezed me in that morning. Treated me well and was happy with their services. Enjoyed the rest of my trip with a functioning aid!

Mr. Chappell

Dr. Indy Alvarez and her staff are amazing! From the moment I walked in for the first time, I knew I was going to be taken care of, and I wasn’t wrong. Jenna was so sweet. Dr. Alvarez was not only efficient, but she was so patient with me, especially when she had to repeat herself often. Because of this, I am confident that she will be able to improve my hearing, and that is such a huge relief. I’m so grateful to them both.

Mrs. Parish