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We treat hearing loss so that you can stay young – keep enjoying all the activities that bring you joy and allow you to connect with loved ones. Ormond Hearing Center is not just your friendly neighborhood hearing center. We are an audiological medical facility providing complete hearing health care to help you live your best life. Our audiologists are licensed with the State of Florida to treat hearing loss and provide custom-fitted hearing aids if necessary, as well as tinnitus (ringing in the ears) care and aural rehabilitation (learning to communicate, either with hearing aids and or assistive listening devices).

Covid Safe Hearing CenterWe are employing many safety measures to protect our patients including universal mask use, temperature checks, social distancing, and a safer check-in and check-out process. We’re stocked with safety supplies, and have the personal protective equipment (PPE) including masks for all patients, visitors and staff members at our office. We’re also taking extraordinary new steps to ensure thorough, frequent and ongoing sanitation measures are happening around the clock.

hearing tests

We offer complimentary hearing screenings which include an otoscopic exam and screening of various frequencies, to determine if a hearing deficit is present. If so, a recommendation for a comprehensive audiological evaluation and examination will be made; audiological evaluations are covered by Medicare and most private insurers.  We invite people of all ages to get a baseline hearing measurement.  If you wear hearing aids currently, and need help because they don’t sound the way they should, we can test you and the devices to also adjust your hearing aids to ensure they fit properly.

hearing aids

We carry trusted brands with new technology that allows users to hear from all directions in every type of sound environment. Most of today’s hearing aids are practically invisible and connect with your smartphone.

hearing aid repairs

We can service, repair, and adjust almost every brand of hearing aid, regardless of where you purchased them. This includes Siemens, Unitron, Audina, Interton, Phonak, ReSound, Rexton, Starkey, Sonion, Oticon, and Widex.

Over The Counter Hearing Aid Information

The FDA has approved over the counter hearing aids and they are sold at many major stores and online.  At Ormond Hearing Center, we support this decision and the principle of patient choice, but there are a lot of factors that go deciding if over the counter hearing aids are right for you and the right choice for your hearing needs. We have created a free information packet to help our patients and other prospective buyers decide if over the counter hearing aids are the right choice for them.

Why Choose Us?

We are an independent audiologist-owned clinic in Ormond Beach, Florida focused on optimal hearing health.  As audiologists we also evaluate balance issues and all causes of hearing loss, even those that may not be due to aging.  Ormond Hearing Center is always willing to go above and beyond to provide you with the best service and quality of care.

Ormond Hearing Center is new to the Volusia County area but our clinic is part of the Palm Coast Hearing Center family, which has received Readers Choice for Best Hearing Aid Service for the past decade in Flagler County.  Our medical approach sets Ormond Hearing Center apart from other hearing centers.  We are your audiological primary care provider that takes a holistic approach to your hearing health.

Video visits

Focused On Our Patients

We are focused on your hearing wellness – we can help everyone with their hearing health needs.  We focus on patient-centered care and helping you keep your hearing healthy and your communication ability the best it can be.  Whether it is a yearly hearing evaluation to test your hearing ability, custom ear protection to protect your hearing, or communication strategies counseling for both the hearing-impaired patient and their families, we are here for you.

Scientifically-Verified Tools To Adjust Your Hearing Aids By Doctors of Audiology

Unless your hearing aids have a proprietary lock such as Costco brand, we are happy to help you with them to get them to work the best they can for you.  We use best practices and scientific standards set forth by the American Academy of Audiology and the State of Florida Board of Speech Pathology & Audiology. Our owner audiologist Dr. Indira Alvarez has a Doctorate degree in Audiology, requiring an undergraduate degree, four additional years of post-graduate education, and over 2000 hours of clinical practice.  Yes, we use Real Ear Measures!

Ultimate In Hearing Aid Accuracy

Did you know that your hearing aid needs to be fit to a prescription? This prescription is a based on the results of your hearing evaluation and the calculation of formulas that determine the exact settings for your device at each frequency. The only way to determine if your fitting is accurate is to perform Real Ear Measures. Real Ear Measures is a painless procedure in which a small probe is inserted in your ear to take measurements of the output of the hearing aid to ensure that it is correctly fitted and producing the right amount of sound at the right frequencies.  This is the only way to confirm that hearing aids are working as they should be and fit to your prescriptive target.  Less than 20 percent of providers use Real Ear Measures but at Ormond Hearing Center this is a value-added service that is standard for all our hearing aid fittings.

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